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    A little background: I was a daily smoker for most of 2018 and 2019. Cut back significantly in September 2018, only smoked about half a dozen times between then and mid January of this year. Went on a 2 month binge, roughly 4-5 times per week, stopped after lining a couple job interviews on October 15th.

    My UA was today, which would give me approximately 58 days without toking up. I feel pretty confindant that I passed since I was well hydrated. I had taken 4 home tests prior to the UA. First was at day 35, which was positive (my urine was dark yellow and I had not been properly hydrating to that point). My 2nd was negative at day 41, but my 3rd was positive on day 44 when I tried testing while being dehydrated again. Took my 4th home test on day 46 or so later and that was negative, when I was again properly hydrated.

    I wasn’t tested until 2:30ish today, between 7:30 am and that time I drank roughly six glasses of water, two cups of coffee, and a monster energy drink. Urinated 4-5 times before the drug screen. Urine came out light/neonish yellow.

    I’ll wait a few days to smoke once I know I am in the clear. I feel like should I be good, right? I feel that since I was well hydrated and not giving them my first urine of the day I gave a negative sample.

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